Our Services

  • Transportation Hub Integration
    Hub staff electronically dispatch transports requested via ITS software or phone to a list of preselected, contracted providers. The highest ranked provider able to meet the ETA is selected for the transport

  • Transfer Center
    Streamlines transport coordination, patient throughput and telehealth services from a remote, tech-enabled communications center

  • Telehealth
    Customized Telehealth program expedites patient care by connecting hospital to hospital and doctor to doctor via the latest wireless and video technology    

The efficiencies we create drive value and allow for improved patient care within a department, across a campus or throughout an entire network.
The more patients, beds and transports active within your system, the more impactful the innovative, cost-saving improvements effected by Covalent Health can be.

Inter/Intra-Facility Medical Transportation
Comprehensive medical transportation services between or within healthcare facilities and systems delivered by our reliable network of transport providers. All transportation includes logistical oversight and support resources

Care Connecter

A multi-load shuttle with wheelchair access, the Care Connector Shuttle is staffed by a CPR-trained driver who transports as many as six patients to medical appointments and returns them home as efficiently as possible

On-site Transport Coordinators
A go-to customer service and patient movement resource on the hospital floor

Integrated Transport Software
Order and track transports online in as little as 60 seconds

Patient Assistance Sedan Service
A safe and seamless transition to the post-hospital setting that extends care yet saves hospital bed-hours

Transport Arrangement Group
Centralized medical transportation and appointment scheduling frees hospital staff from time-intensive process

Patient Home Safety Program
Ensure patients’ home environments are safe and conducive to care plan viability; sitter services may also be incorporated

Concierge Service
A dedicated, 24/7 care coordination resource specializing in unique transports, patient scheduling and more

  • Transitional Care Management
    Dedicated clinical team that will enable and track a patient’s care plan compliance for 30 days post discharge in order to ensure better care coordination, improved outcomes and reduced readmissions

  • Personal Emergency Response System & Mobile Care Network
    Reduce unnecessary 911 activations, provide simplified communication for the most vulnerable patients, and improve care & education     

Covalent Health offers full-service event management and medical support tailored to festivities of every size. Our Event Services include planning, implementation and on-site coordination of medical support from community festivals to professional sporting events and everything in between. Each event presents its own unique demands, so it is essential to partner with a reliable and proven event medical specialist featuring comprehensive capabilities.

Custom Emergency Medical
Planning and Support

We will create a medical plan and dedicate resources to fit the requirements of your event as well as local emergency medical services authorities, providing a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for all participants. Our extensive range of services include mobile foot teams, bike teams, first aid, and ambulance standby support we can tailor to event logistics at various levels of medical service.

A Commitment to
Customer Service

Outstanding customer service is essential to the successful growth of Covalent Health. Our healthcare, logistics and EMS professionals work closely with event organizers to ensure a secure environment in which they can safely respond to medical emergencies. The EMTs, paramedics and nurses assigned to events are eager to help in any way they can and will work in partnership with organizers to prioritize the aspects of our service that are most important to you.

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