Covalent Health is a leading provider of innovative logistics solutions to hospitals, payors, physicians and health systems. Our comprehensive tools connect sites of care separated by physical distance in order to provide more coordinated and consistent care across the continuum. By breaking down communication barriers and connecting disparate providers we support high efficiency, lower cost care with enhanced patient satisfaction and superior clinical outcomes.

Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, Covalent Health promotes healthcare innovation through tech-enabled processes. As patient care evolves, our versatility and creativity ensure the continuous progress necessary for Covalent Health to satisfy the diverse needs of providers as well as patients. Our brands streamline healthcare and empower patients from coast to coast.  

Covalent Health helps medical providers work together better. The efficiencies we create drive value and allow for improved patient care within a department, across a campus or throughout an entire network. The more patients, beds and transports active within your system, the more impactful the innovative, cost-saving improvements effected by Covalent Health can be.


Bed utilization
Patient satisfaction


Length of stay
Unnecessary readmissions
Out-of-pocket costs for patients
Cost to provide care

Streamline and improve

Transfer processes for health systems
Transportation & bed management
Communication networks throughout healthcare
Patient care



  • Hospitals
    We offer innovative services and technology to improve throughput, readmission, patient retention and the complete customer experience.

  • Payors
    Support appropriate utilization to reduce health spend while improving clinical outcomes.

  • ACOs
    Partner to support efficient utilization of network resources in order to ensure patient compliance, utilize the most cost effective clinical resources, and keep patients in the system while keeping costs down.

  • Fire Departments
    We apply technology, innovation and capital in order to solve the EMS needs of cities and jurisdictions that see a better long-term path to quality care.

  • Skilled Nursing
    We solve daily operational and financial needs through technology, innovation and logistics management, improving time management for each client.


what people say about us

They have been pivotal in the growth and retention of our program to include program implementation and streamlining of service lines. They have done an excellent job at transporting our patients and they give us regular feedback on their quality and customer service components. They work very closely with our organization for process improvement.
Manager of Case Management
Dignity Health
A careful assessment of resources, personnel, and what we as the hospital customer need was assessed prior to the vendor transition, which resulted in a smooth cutover for our patients and staff.
Critical Care Transport Manager
Stanford Health
They developed, with Dignity Health, a state-of-the-art Transfer Center that coordinates the transportation of patients plus activation of our physicians providing telemedicine services through the Dignity Health Telemedicine Network.
Senior Counsel
Dignity Health
Reorganized our NICU transport program to improve ETA to help with the growth of our program…they came up with a solution by providing a lead in this department to oversee all transports and then streamlined it… We look forward to our continued growth with additional services and support.
Chief Operating Officer
They have been receptive and proactive in participating in hospital program stop increase efficiency, assist in patient throughput, and reduce cost.
Chief Operating Officer

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San Francisco Bay Area